Performance Management

Performance is fundamental to the successful management of change. Once the key objectives have been agreed and the SMART goals decided, it is necessary to put procedures into place to measure the achievements made.

Staff have to commit to a culture of continuous improvement and be prepared to submit themselves for testing to find out whether they are achieving the organisation’s goals. It won’t be possible to get them to do that until your culture has performance running right through it.

Staff have to see that those at the very top of the organisation are working to and being measured against the same clear set of goals. Achievements must be measured and reported on publicly so that the whole organisation can agree to and act on the actions resulting.

This is where YCChange can help you.

“Hambleton District Council wished to update its performance appraisal scheme.”

“...we engaged YC Change to complete the work. The final product is exemplary, exceeding our expectations. It has now been implemented throughout the organisation and we are confident of the improved outcomes.”

Phil Morton
 Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive
 Hambleton District Council


We can set up a public calendar of business activities so that everybody in the organisation can see what is happening (or not happening) and when. We can also instil a performance-based target-orientated culture in which staff satisfaction is underpinned by the achievement of organisational goals.

We can also analyse all the factors that affect performance and suggest changes where necessary. These factors include your staff, your strategies, your systems and your approaches to risk, finance, governance and continuous improvement strategies. We will also look at your benchmarking against similar organisations to see how you compare and most importantly how you use this information.

We are unique. We work in partnership with Covalent Software who provide an easy, flexible software solution to collecting and measuring data. We turn that measurement into a culture of management. For those of you who use Covalent, we are accredited trainers and we speak your language. For those of you who don't we will have a mass of good practice we can share with you whatever your performance toolkit is.

“YCChange also developed a new performance management framework and reporting arrangements for us...”

“I believe that these new arrangements are simple but thorough and will give us exceptional clarity about the delivery of our Corporate Plan.”

Phil Morton
Executive Director & Deputy Chief Executive
 Hambleton District Council

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