Corporate Coaching Feedback
Our Customer Feedback


“I asked Yvonne to do some coaching with members of my team. She was really effective at getting to the heart of how best the individuals could learn more about themselves, move forward and achieve both their own and the organisation’s goals.”

RN, Yorkshire


“Yvonne’s ability to help you to help yourself is amazing. Her expertise allows you to identify what really matters to you personally and professionally, enabling you to reflect on what you have already achieved and what you will achieve in the future. It’s simple but powerful stuff and really works.” 

DF, Yorkshire


“Yvonne‘s style is energetic, motivational, fun, pragmatic and totally tailored around your objectives. My key objective was to identify and develop opportunities and generate income in my business. Following the work I’ve done with Yvonne I have generated and realised numerous business opportunities in 2011. My approach to life and work has been positively transformed as a result of my coaching sessions.  I would strongly recommend Yvonne, she is truly an inspiration.”

TN, Managing Director, Yorkshire


"The coaching I had with YCChange has been extremely inspirational and has helped me recognize and celebrate my current strengths as well as identifying the key leadership and management competencies I wished to develop further. The coaching style was challenging but in a good way as it made me really delve into issues to find the right solutions going forward. This has helped me set out a clear development plan to help me develop in my current role but also support my aspiration to progress with my career. The coaching has also helped me outside the work environment as I have applied some of the principals I learnt in my personal life to great effect."

SS, North Yorkshire


"I would strongly recommend the coaching programme delivered by Yvonne Castle through YCChange. The support was flexible and tailored to meet my specific needs. I found that Yvonne provided the right level of challenge and real support to enable me to successfully work through certain issues. As a result, I now have a higher level of confidence which in turn is making a marked difference in my new role within the organisation. Her enthusiasm and energy levels are both contagious and motivating and something which continues to inspire me even though the programme has formally come to an end."

JB, North Yorkshire


"In short, I am so glad that I have got to know you.  You have already made such a difference to my level of motivation and enthusiasm.  Yvonne's professional approach to coaching was apparent from the beginning and has continued throughout.  Her challenging questions and energy made a significant difference  to my own approach to my issues. I found one particular session so useful that it has made a significant difference to how I now view myself and my business."

SP, Managing Director, Winslow


"I have rebuilt the confidence in myself and in my work and have achieved so much in terms of strengthening my management and leadership skills."

MT, Head of Service,
North Yorkshire


"The coaching sessions with Yvonne have been extremely beneficial in helping to shape my future career and personal aspirations and forcing the pace of change in these areas.  There has, and still is a great deal of uncertainty in my current role, however with Yvonne's coaching I have been able to clearly plan a course of action with alternative approaches should the ideal not materialise.  For the last 2 years I have struggled to cope with an ineffective line manager and again through the methods and processes used by Yvonne, I found that I was able to make significant improvements in a matter of weeks.  Thanks!"

AK, New Business Manager, Major Financial Institution, West Yorkshire